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 There are some books that, when read, make you think and direct your life. On this page, I am sharing some of the books that have shaped my life when I read them.


Existentialism, Sartre - In my opinion, it is one of the most important philosophical movements in terms of finding one's own life journey against dogmatic, collective thinking. Existence precedes essence.

The Psychology of Being Human, Maslow - A work familiar to most of us from the "Hierarchy of Needs" pyramid, which deals with the difficulties faced by humans while developing in their life journey from a scientific perspective.


Thoughts to Myself, M. Aurelius - It must be a great chance to be able to read the diary of the Roman Emperor of the time, one of the most influential figures of Stoic philosophy. 

The Alchemist, P. Coelho - I think it is one of the books that can explain the journey towards finding life purpose in the simplest and most fluent way. I highly recommend it for those who are new to the habit of reading.


Man's Search for Meaning, V. Frankl - A work dealing with the impact of hardships on ultimately good things, more specifically finding meaning and purpose in life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by S. Covey - A great work that examines the lives of influential people who have achieved great success in their lives and explains them in a practical and easily applicable way.


22 Rules of Marketing - With this work, which explains marketing, one of the 3 most important areas in the business world, simply and with examples, we also examine the way human beings perceive their environment from a wider perspective.

When You Say It's Over, with this book, we learn how we can get effective results in bargaining situations that we come across at every moment. In particular, mirroring and labeling techniques are very interesting and useful. I believe it is an important piece of work for effective communication.

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